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Tuesday 5 April 2011

Nokia plans To Launch An Amazing 40 Phones In 2011

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop had earlier established that the Finland based company will not be releasing any Windows Phone 7 based mobile phones in 2011. 

But still a well ranked Nokia official has confirmed that the mobile phone maker will actually launch about 40 phones in 2011. 

After the confirmation of this news some experts are now telling that the Nokia, Microsoft partner will not yield any results very soon.

The official said “We will be beginning 40 models in 2011 of which at least 30% would be smart phones”. By introduction this many phones Nokia is trying very hard to make its presence felt in the market.

Recently Nokia has been facing firm competition from big companies like Blackberry, Apple and Google globally. 

In some markets they have also faced competition from the Chinese and other local manufacturers. 

Some experts are still doubtful of the impact that these 40 phones will have on Nokia decreasing market share. Although pricing range for these phones have not been decided but it will be a massive factor.